Changes to the management of MCS Scheme Documents

MCS announces further changes to the oversight and management of MCS documents. In 2020, changes were made to the oversight and management of MCS Technical Standards and documents including the introduction of a new Approval Committee to oversee changes. The aim of these changes was to create an agile and responsive Standards organisation, able to support an evolving UK small-scale renewable energy technology sector, and to protect the impartiality of the Scheme.

In the intervening period, a greater number of new improvements to existing Technical Standards has been delivered than at any time since the first Standards were written.

As scheme owner, and in line with the ongoing ambition to develop a more agile and responsive scheme, MCS will now manage its Scheme Documents. These are documents that are distinct from and sit alongside the MCS Technical Standards, describing the operation of the scheme.

Scheme Documents will follow a new approach, which includes a process that will replace the activities of a Working Group in favour of MCS-led broader industry consultation. For clarity, MCS Technical Standards will remain the responsibility of our Technical Working Groups covering products and their installation.

While MCS will drive improvements to the operation of the Scheme as described in the Scheme Documents, it will continue to engage the necessary expertise to deliver robust documentation that enables effective assessments. In addition, MCS will publish consultations to engage the wider sector and its stakeholders for all major changes to Scheme Documents and all changes will be overseen by the MCS Approvals Committee.


What are MCS Scheme Documents?

 MCS Scheme Documents describe how the scheme operates in terms of how the Technical Standards (Product and Installation) are to be applied. The main MCS Scheme Documents are listed below:

  • MCS 001 Part 1 & 2 – Requirements for Contractors and the Certification Process
  • MCS 010 – Factory Production Control and Product Quality Requirements
  • MCS 011 – Acceptance Criteria for Testing Required for Product Certification
  • MCS 020 – Planning Standard for Permitted Development Installations of Wind Turbines and Air Source Heat Pumps on Domestic Premises
  • MCS 023 – Requirements for contractors to demonstrate equivalence to PAS 2030
  • MCS 025 – Competency standard and associated documents that describe the MCS competency framework


How will MCS ensure that changes to Scheme Documents are managed appropriately, with the right input and oversight?

While MCS will now assume control of Scheme Documents, it will continue to engage the appropriate sector groups and representatives to ensure the continual improvement and relevance of the scheme. For example, MCS will participate in the Competent Persons’ Forum to inform MCS competency requirements, as described in MCS 025 – The Competency Standard.

The new process for Scheme Documents will be reflected in a revised version of the MCS Document Control Process.

Proposed changes to Scheme Documents can arise from within MCS itself, the MCS Standards community and via recognised forums, such as the Scheme Committee that includes certification bodies.

All Scheme Document changes will be overseen by the MCS Approvals Committee, chaired by the Independent Chair of MCS Standards, David Heath.

Major changes to Scheme Documents will be subject to public consultation, ensuring wide collaboration in the further development of MCS.

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