Consultation Announcement: Creation of the ‘MCS Specification for Ground Source Closed-loop Drilling’

MCS have today published a one-month consultation on the creation of the ‘MCS Specification for Ground Source Closed-loop Drilling’.

Over the last few months, the MCS Secretariat has been working with the Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) Drillers Action Group to create a formal criteria for the drilling of boreholes, associated with the installation of Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP).

This new Specification is intended to cover that part of the installation of a GSHP that does not currently attract specific MCS requirements, against which a Drillers performance can be assessed. It sets the quality criteria for borehole drillers and their drilling activities and addresses the following:

• A definition of a Drillers competency and associated qualifications.

• The contractual arrangements that are expected to be in place between Driller and Installer (MCS Contractor).

• A series of pre-drilling requirements including for example, the provision of site surveys, permissions and a method statement in advance of the drilling activity.

• A series of requirements relating to the drilling activity itself, including for example, the equipment and materials to be used, and the disposal of waste once the drilling activity is complete.

• Requirements for the handover and commissioning of boreholes, ready for the installation of the GSHP by the MCS Installer (MCS Contractor).

MCS would now like to invite comments from stakeholders. The deadline for submitting comments for this consultation is Friday 2nd April 2021.

Please send consultation responses to using the form provided below:

MCS Drilling Specification Consultation Response Form 

MCS Specification for Ground Source Closed-loop Drilling