Consultation Announcement: ‘Introduction of a second route to certification based on approved qualifications’

MCS have today published a two-week consultation on proposed changes to MCS 001-02 and the introduction of a second route to certification based on approved qualifications.

This new qualification-based route intends to improve the accessibility to the scheme by removing barriers to becoming MCS certified.

The update to MCS 001-02 – The MCS Contractor Standard, Part 2: The Certification Process, includes the following changes:

• The need for the Contractor to specify the named individual(s) who will hold the role of Nominated Technical Person (NTP) for each of the MCS technologies for which certification is being sought. The Contractor will need to provide evidence that this individual(s) holds an MCS approved qualification for each technology.

• The Contractor will also need to provide the name of the MCS Compliance Person (MCP) along with evidence that person has completed an MCS approved training in MCS 001.

• An MCS approved list of qualifications, MCS001 Training and MCS approved documentation shall be provided on the MCS website and periodically updated as required (in time this information will also be made available via a new MCS installer microsite – the MCS Wizard.

• Introduction of a time limit that will require the MCS Contractor to complete an installation of each technology it is certified for and register it with MCS within 6 calendar months. A Contractor’s certification will automatically expire for a given technology if they do not meet this timescale.

• Upon completion of a first installation, a Certification Body’s compliance assessment shall be undertaken, with the need to clear any non-conformities found in the usual way.

• MCS 001-2 (and any associated communications to applicants apply for MCS certification), will clearly state that this new route will limit the registration of only one installation for each technology until a compliance assessment has been completed i.e. a new MCS contractor can only register one installation before they have approved by a Certification Body.

MCS would now like to invite comments from stakeholders. The deadline for submitting comments for this consultation is Friday 26th March 2021.

Please send consultation responses to using the form provided below:

MCS 001-02 – The MCS Contractor Standard Part 2: The Certification Process

Consultation Response Form