Consultation Announcement: Update of MCS Micro CHP Documents

MCS have today published a one-month consultation on updates to the Micro CHP documents, including MCS 014 and MCS 015 Micro CHP Product Standards, and MIS 3007 and MIS 3007-2 Micro CHP Installation Standards.

The changes aim to create an updated set of Micro-CHP documents that include concise and simplified language, and new unified standards that deal with both types of Micro CHP (heat-led and electricity led), with any previous incompatibilities now resolved.

The Product Standard has had a significant update, simplifying the standards wherever possible while being inclusive of current products on the market and any innovative new products that might come to market.

MCS would now like to invite comments from stakeholders. The deadline for submitting comments for this consultation is 5.00pm on Friday 2nd July 2021.

Please send consultation responses to using the form provided below:

MIS 3007 Micro-CHP Installation Standard (DRAFT)

MIS 3007 Micro-CHP Installation Standard Consultation Response Form 

MCS 014 Micro-CHP Product Standard (DRAFT)

MCS 014 Micro-CHP Product Standard Consultation Response Form