Energy Security Bill – BEIS lays new legislation

Last week, BEIS laid the Energy Security Bill, introducing new measures to support the UK’s transition towards renewable, home-grown energy.

MCS welcomes the publication, particularly Government action to enshrine in law the critical importance of renewable domestic heating and energy.

Home-grown energy produced and consumed at domestic household level will be vital in the UK’s journey to net zero. Renewable heating technology powered by home-grown energy will also be necessary to reach the UK’s ambitious climate targets.

This legislation builds on commitments to home-grown energy in the Energy Security Strategy and the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan.

This also follows the recent update to the BEIS Heat and Energy in the Home public attitudes tracker. The tracker found 26% of homeowners were likely to install a heat pump or already have. 87% of people polled were also supportive of using solar energy to power their homes. 84% of people reported they were worried about climate change.

These statistics show the public support behind domestic renewable energy and heating. MCS are pleased to see the Energy Security Bill recognising this and supporting the country as we move to cleaner, greener energy,

Commenting on the bill, Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS, said:

“Record numbers of heat pumps and solar panels are being installed across the UK. We are seeing significant growth as homeowners embrace the benefits of home-grown energy and heating.

“MCS work year-on-year to support the renewables revolution and increase the contribution of renewable domestic energy to the UK’s long-term energy security.

“The Energy Security Bill puts the importance of green energy into law and we welcome that recognition. With growing public support and demand around renewable energy, and strong Government incentives in place, now is the time to invest in home-grown energy.”

Read the BEIS press release and find links to the bill in full here.