Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS, responds to the publication of the IPCC report on climate change

“The IPCC report makes for stark reading, providing unequivocal evidence for humans’ profound negative impact on the climate.

“We need to vastly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. How we heat our homes accounts for nearly 30% of CO2 emissions, so low-carbon, domestic renewables need full government support if we are to reduce this figure.

“The government has cited heat pumps as a key solution for making the heating of our homes greener and the technologies are available for deployment now.

“However, we continue to call on the government to show strength in backing all forms of domestic renewables, starting with removing VAT from the technologies, such as heat pumps and solar PV, and introducing new green financing to help support homeowners with any upfront costs.

“This is the time for a concerted push for galvanising renewables uptake, supported by long-term policy commitments. If not, “net zero” targets will be missed, making climate change dangers more prevalent.

“Urgent action is required now.”