MCS calls for stabilised policy landscape alongside response to DRHI closure consultation

MCS has submitted its response to the latest government consultation ahead of the planned closure of the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (DRHI) on 31 March 2022.

The ‘Domestic Renewable Heating Incentive – ensuring a stable scheme’ consultation, considers the proposal of scheme design and operational changes to support the futureproofing of the domestic RHI (DRHI), and to ensure that participants are protected from any undue adverse effects post-scheme closure.

In the response MCS has raised several concerns over the closure of the incentive, given its current ability to support the deployment of low carbon heating technology. With the recent closure of the Green Homes Grant scheme and with details yet to be published as to how the planned Clean Heat Grant scheme will operate from April next year, MCS is concerned as to the apparent gaps in policy and market incentives.

MCS shared responses to several questions including; disagreeing with the proposal to close the scheme to new applications, feedback on consumer protection measures and risks, and highlighting the importance of the role played by MCS installation standards as the domestic renewables sector’s quality benchmark.

Ian Rippin, Chief Executive of MCS, said: “In the absence of the Heat and Buildings Strategy and a stable policy environment that can support the renewables sector, we are very concerned that with the closure of DRHI, that the Government do not have an adequate replacement scheme or long-term policy commitment in place that can deliver the carbon reductions necessary to achieve the Net Zero targets.”

He added, “Unless we have a green comprehensive spending review that includes renewables and a new long term incentive scheme, the Chancellor will have failed the industry and potentially destroyed the very Green jobs that he wanted to create.”