MCS responds to the Government’s ‘Technological Innovations and Climate Change’ consultation

MCS has submitted a response to the Government’s Environmental Audit Committee (EAC), following the announcement of the next phase of the ‘Technological Innovation and Climate Change’ inquiry, looking at electrical, gas and hybrid heat pumps.

The consultation asked for evidence regarding the role that low-carbon technology such as heat pumps could play in decarbonising heat, which in domestic, industrial, and commercial settings currently accounts for over a third of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The consultation asked for thoughts and evidence regarding the role that heat pumps could play in reaching the Government’s target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

MCS provided key evidence supported by MCS certified Heat Pump Contractors, including providing guidance regarding the removal of VAT from all domestic renewables, changes to Planning Regulations, and the migration of current environmental levies away from gas & electricity.

MCS would like to thank those who took part in the Contractor survey and consultation Taskforce meeting.  Feedback from Contractors was used to support the submission to the Environmental Audit Committee.

Read the full MCS inquiry submission here.