New MCS Scheme Requirements Launched as Standards Simplification Begins

MCS has today announced a series of fundamental changes to its quality assurance scheme, including changes to how audits will be undertaken and consumer code membership requirements.

The changes will mainly affect current MCS certified Contractors and is also relevant for those looking to become newly certified.

The overarching scheme requirements: MCS 001-1 which outlines the requirements for MCS Contractors, MCS 001-2 which outlines the certification process and MGD 001 which offers guidance on the MCS Contractor Standard have all been overhauled and revamped.

Some of the key changes include; simplified requirements around a Quality Management System, an integrated partnership with RECC as the Consumer Code of choice, clauses to strengthen enforcement, reinforced the requirements around subcontracting and a refocus on supervision audits – moving them away from office systems and towards site inspections.

Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS said “This is the beginning of our strategy being realised to make significant improvements to MCS for the market. Since I joined the Scheme just over 18 months ago, I’ve been working hard to engage with our community and really get to grips with addressing some of the historical frustrations. The publishing of these Standard updates is a clear signal that we have listened and are committed to deliver on the promises made.”

He added, “I firmly believe that there are two factors central to future success – quality and confidence. We want to make the schemes we operate stronger, fairer and simpler so the quality of the installers and product manufacturers we work with really shines through. Working in this way is how we’ll build consumer confidence.”

Chris Roberts, Director of MCS is leading on the technical rewrites of the Standard documentation and added, “This first step simplifies the overarching scheme Standards to make it less bureaucratic and more streamlined. This work will be followed by the simplification of the technology specific installation standards and we expect to start releasing these over the next few months. Our Standards management going forward will include regular reviews and updates to ensure continuous improvements delivered at pace.”

A series of interactive webinars have been announced to support Installers understand the changes.

There will be a transition period to accommodate a move from the existing, to the new Standards. The new Standards are now published online.