MCS Certification Fund announced by Scottish Government

The Scottish Government is providing an MCS certification fund to support installers of heating systems to transition from fossil fuel boilers installations to low-carbon heating systems such as heat pumps.

The journey to net zero will mean around 50% of Scottish homes, more than one million households, will need to convert to low-carbon heating systems by 2030.

The funding announced by the Scottish Government and the Energy Saving Trust is intended to help businesses working in the low-carbon and energy efficiency sector to scale up to meet the anticipated renewable heating demand across Scotland.MCS Certification mark on installer's van

What’s on offer?

The Scottish Government’s MCS certification fund provides heating engineers with an interest in installing heat pumps (either air, ground or water source) with a grant to become MCS certified for heat pump installations.

The grant will pay 75%, up to a maximum of £1,000, of the certification fees and will run until funds run out or until the end of March 2023, whatever comes first.

Please note, this funding is not retrospective if you are already MCS certified for a heat pump technology.

You can read more about the fund, including eligibility criteria and how to apply, on the Energy Saving Trust’s website.

If you have any questions about the fund, any of our other grants, or MCS certification in general, our Helpdesk team will be happy to help. You can contact us here.