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Explore renewable jobs and career opportunities with MCS

With energy costs constantly rising and climate change affecting us all, low-carbon technology has an increasingly bigger role to play in the future of UK energy. The opportunity for renewable jobs continues to rise across a range of roles that contribute greatly to the UK reaching net zero targets.

Since 2008, MCS has become the recognised standard for UK products and their installation in the small-scale renewables sector. MCS is a mark of quality. We create and maintain Standards that allow for the certification of low-carbon products, installers, and their installations, used to produce electricity and heat from renewable sources.


MCS is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive and supportive workplace for all our employees. We’ve carefully crafted an attractive employee package including enhanced policies such as maternity and paternity leave, access to a cash health plan, an electric car scheme and much more.

At MCS, our company culture is important to us. We foster an environment that supports our colleagues from the very start of their new job role to their development for career progression within the renewable industry.

We ensure our team are connected holding regular staff engagements, providing the opportunity to showcase our teams and celebrate individual successes. We make sure to check with our staff on what they’d like to see from MCS in the future and how we can help them grow individually, providing equal opportunities.

Our People Team

Jo Maddison, People & Talent Advisor headshot.

Joanne Maddison

People & Talent Advisor

Sarah Howard, Head of People & Culture headshot.

Sarah Howard

Head of People & Culture

Kate Eden-Franklin, People & Culture Advisor headshot.

Kate Eden-Franklin

People & Culture Advisor

Meet our MCS People Team, the centre of MCS culture, growth and personal development. At MCS, we believe our greatest asset is our people, making maintaining our culture one of the most important things to us.

Our People Team is dedicated to creating an environment where every individual can thrive, contribute their best work, and reach their full potential. The people team will see you through from submitting your application and booking your interview, to accepting your new role and our company induction.

Working with MCS

Get to know a few of our talented individuals who are shaping the future of MCS. Here you’ll find insights into our work culture, and the faces behind the different functions of the business. We’re proud to introduce you to the people who make it all happen.



My role

I work in the Standards and Secretariat team where we liaise very closely with industry experts who make up our technical working groups, including installers, manufacturers, trade associations, governing bodies and consumer protection representatives. Our working groups are responsible for developing and maintaining our technical standards. As this industry is constantly evolving and innovating, it is our job to ensure our standards adapt appropriately whilst maintaining their responsibility of promoting best practice.

As a Renewable Technical Officer, it is my responsibility to stay up to date with what s happening within the industry, and I do this by conducting relevant research which I often summarise in research and discussion papers. These papers are paramount to support in making necessary changes to both the standards and the Scheme more broadly.

Working at MCS

The MCS culture is fantastic! I’ve never been in such a positive workplace where everyone is appreciated and acknowledged for their individual talents and contributions. I really enjoy my time working for MCS and am lucky to work with such knowledgeable and supportive coworkers.

I really like the collaboration stages when kick-starting new projects, especially ones which have significant barriers to resolve. Having to build your knowledge on specific projects is so important. Not only is it where the initial ideas are brainstormed, but it gives the opportunity to hear the views of those from a different perspective. This then allows you to direct your research to build the wider picture and its impacts.


This is a tough industry to navigate, but it is clear to see that MCS very much listens to the needs of the both the industry and more importantly, the homeowners who are making the leap to install green low-carbon technologies in their homes.

After work, I enjoy reading and cooking, and at the weekends I like to go hiking around Wales and the Peak District, with some camping if the weather allows it.



My role

I am an on-site Compliance Assessor for the Compliance & Enforcement Team at MCS. The Compliance & Enforcement Team ensures that all renewable technologies installed by MCS certified contractors have been installed compliant to our MCS Standards in domestic properties and that all MCS certified documentation has been provided to the consumer. The team also keeps in close communication with certified contractors and Certification Bodies to support them whenever installations do not meet the required standards, or if further explanation of documentation is needed.

My day begins by driving to the property for an on-site visit that has been pre-organised with the consumer and installer through our team. The installation visits cover a wide range of renewable technologies including solar PV, Battery storage and heat pumps. Site-photo evidence is taken at all areas of the installation which will be compiled into a generated report for the contractor to confirm if all requirements are compliant with MCS Standards or if certain areas require rectification.

After the visit, I go through documentation checks for the installation and assess the photo evidence taken at the property to check that the work has been completed in line with MCS standards.

Working for MCS

My time at MCS has shown me the value and respect MCS gives to their staff in all areas. The culture at MCS has been consistently positive with all staff feeling they are listened to for any query. Even with my job requiring me to work from home without immediate contact with the office, MCS has still always made me feel appreciated, well-informed and connected to my company and to office-based staff.


My favourite part of the job is knowing each day is different with new installations to assess each day. I enjoy that my job is computer report orientated but also gives me the chance to work with my hands on-site to assess lofts, roofs, and garden areas.

After work is usually reserved for spending time with my family or taking up a hobby. The work-life balance MCS has given me allows me time to enjoy quality time with my family, which includes weekend walks through the Peak District and cooking Sunday meals.

MCS is a company that takes an interest in your opinions and has always made me feel comfortable and part of the team.



My role

I am the Events & Marketing Assistant for MCS, working within the Communications Team which is split into 3 sections, PR, Digital and Events.

My job varies every day, depending on upcoming events and priorities. The main things I am responsible for are:

  • Planning internal events (corporate away days, office events) and assisting with external events (Industrial trade shows, exhibitions, roadshows, forums).
  •  Booking venues, hotels, and restaurants, as well as sourcing promotional goods.
  •  Writing event plans and staff briefing documents, ensuring staff have correct promotional goods and uniforms for each event.
  •  Work with event organisers ensuring communication is clear on the needs for both parties and help with organising panels and speaker sessions.
  •  Designing and arranging the stand setup for each event.
  •  Keeping check on promotional goods and uniforms to ensure enough for each event. Ensuring we are within our budget for each event.
  •  Ask for feedback on events and create an evaluation summary.

Working for MCS

I have been with the company for two years and can honestly say MCS is the best company I have worked for, I feel part of a big family, and from the day I started, everyone has been friendly and welcoming. MCS cares about it s people and ensures that we are all mentally and physically looked after. As soon as you step foot in the office, you can feel the positive vibes, it is relaxed and one of the first places I have experienced where the CEO & Directors sit amongst the staff.


Everyday I look forward to coming into the office, chatting to my colleagues and getting stuck into my work. I also enjoy going to the events, getting them set up, and the opportunity to speak with the visitors discussing who MCS is and the benefits of MCS certification. I feel lucky to be so passionate about my job and company.

Outside of work I love going for walks and meeting up with my friends, I also enjoy baking and bringing the treats into the office.



My role

I work as a Helpdesk Analyst on the MCS Helpdesk. On the Helpdesk, we handle calls and emails from consumers, installers and more, looking for information about the MCS Scheme and installations.

On the Helpdesk, we mostly receive contact from installers and consumers, we help with queries on existing certificates, certificate details or clarification on any of the MCS Standards. The Helpdesk have to dabble in a little bit of everything for our knowledge base as queries are not always the same! When speaking to installers, they may want some clarity on clauses of the Standards and if we can help, we always ensure they can be pointed in the right direction.

Working at MCS

The culture at MCS is like no other. The workplace is like a big family. The team is such a welcoming bunch, and you really are cared for here.

Customers are super appreciative of the help they are given on the Helpdesk line; this can be really rewarding and motivates you to want to learn more and develop your skills further to help even more people. Being in the office also has to be up there with one of my favourite parts of the job! The warm welcome you are given by the team in the morning is unbeatable.


The best part of MCS is without a doubt the people! The team are what makes this job so great, the management and the understanding of people who are there to support you is what makes this workplace amazing.

I’m a big movie fanatic, when I’m not at work I spend a lot of my time at the cinema or seeing friends and family!

If you can contribute to our mission to give the UK confidence in home-grown energy, apply to one of the roles below to join our growing team and make your contribution in our national journey to net zero.

Current Vacancies

Compliants Manager

We're now looking for an inspiring, investigative consumer champion and complaints management expert, who can help us to deliver on one of the most significant changes regarding how the sector handles complaints.