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The Microgeneration Certification Scheme Service Company (MCSSCo) trades as MCS. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MCS Charitable Foundation. MCSSCo is incorporated under the Laws of England and Wales with registration number 07759366 and is based at First Floor, Violet 3, Sci-Tech, Daresbury, Keckwick Lane, Daresbury, Cheshire, WA4 4AB. VAT Number GB 189 2823 64.

Since 2008, MCS has become the recognised Standard for UK products and their installation in the small-scale renewables sector. The Standards are owned by MCS Charitable Foundation and produced by MCS, following development by independent Technical Working Groups.

This governance model is designed to raise and maintain standards and consumer protection. We are independent of, but supported by Government. MCS is responsible for the day to day running of the Scheme which has been independent of Government since novation in April 2018.

For any further information on the Governance of MCS, or to express an interest in joining a Group or Forum, please email the Secretariat,


The Governance structure of MCS is as follows:


Policy and strategy setting

The Stakeholder Advisory Group is a panel of industry experts, government and other stakeholder representatives set up to advise the Board regarding the policy and strategic direction of MCS.


Oversight of our Standards

The Standards Management Group oversees the activity of the Technical Working Groups and is responsible for ratification of the Standards.


Developing and maintaining Standards

There are several Technical Working Groups which develop MCS Standards and Scheme documents. Many members sit on European committees to develop European Standards. This helps to ensure MCS is up to date and aligns the Scheme with current EN Standards.


Certification management

The Certification Bodies Forum discusses and addresses any certification related issues and helps drive the continuous improvement of the Scheme.


This change process relates to updates to MCS Scheme documents and Standards. As well as this, a formal change process for making any changes to the Scheme governance itself is also documented.


MCS has a procedure for appealing against a decision made by a MCS committee, or the Chair, in relation to breaches of an MCS committee’s code of conduct.


Feedback loop for Standards development

MCS periodically issues consultations. This usually takes place when developing or updating MCS Scheme documents.

Date Deadline for responses Description of Consultation Status Summary of Responses
Date 19/08/2020 Deadline for responses 18/09/2020 Description of Consultation

This presents a significant update to MIS 3005 which is intended to improve and simplify the requirements. More importantly it separates Heat Pump design and installation into two distinct Standards.



Summary of Responses
Date 26/07/2019 Deadline for responses 23/08/2019 Description of Consultation

A one-month consultation on new Battery Storage Standard (MIS 3012).

Microgeneration Installation Standard: MIS 3012 has been drafted. This new Standard outlines the requirements for MCS Contractors undertaking the supply, design, installation, set to work commissioning and handover of electrical energy (battery) storage systems



Summary of Responses

For any further information on consultations, or to submit a response, please email the Secretariat,


Many manufacturers sell their products internationally. MCS chooses to recognise other non-UK product certification schemes based on their product testing regimes. By recognising other product schemes which are at least as rigorous as MCS, we enable cross-border trade and reduce duplication of testing and certification.

This gives UK consumers more choice and reduces cost. Installations can only be compliant if installed by an MCS certified installer ensuring that consumers are still protected.

MCS currently recognises three European product certification schemes. These are:

  • CEN Solar Keymark for the certification of Solar Thermal products
  • CEN Heat Pump Keymark for Heat Pump products
  • Eurovent Certita for Heat Pump products

MCS product equivalence applies to the recognition of products only and does not extend to full MCS scheme equivalence. This is due to the additional requirements MCS places on installers who must utilise MCS or equivalent certified products. MCS equivalent products can be used, and if available, the prevailing government incentives can be claimed, provided the installation has been completed by an MCS certified installer.

Products recognised as MCS equivalent are listed in our Product Directory.

If you are a product manufacturer who already has a product certified by an equivalent scheme but it does not appear in the MCS Product Directory, then please contact the relevant equivalent scheme directly to request its addition.