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Consumer FAQs

With energy costs constantly rising and climate change affecting us all – low-carbon technology has a bigger and bigger role to play in the future of UK energy.

We’re here to ensure it’s a positive one.

MCS certifies low-carbon products and installations used to produce electricity and heat from renewable sources. From solar panels to wind turbines, biomass boilers to heat pumps, there are different solutions to suit different needs. MCS is a standards organisation. We create and maintain standards that allows for the certification of products, installers and their installations.

Generating your own energy reduces your dependence on traditional fossil fuels – lowering your energy bills and protecting you and your family, or community, from ever spiralling costs. should always look for the MCS mark for reassurance that your installer is certified.

If you are interested in generating your own energy, it is important to use an MCS certified Installer so that the technology you choose is specified, installed and maintained correctly.

MCS is a mark of quality. Using an MCS certified installer ensures that equipment meets good standards of performance and that installers are technically safe and competent.

MCS certified Installers have undergone a rigorous vetting process to demonstrate that they adhere to our Standards. These Standards demonstrate a commitment to quality. They will also be a member of a Consumer Code which means strengthened customer protection for you.

If your technology is eligible for a government incentive, you will need to be able to provide MCS certification to claim this.

You can find an MCS certified installer by using our ‘find an installer’ search.

You can find an MCS certified installer by using our ‘find an installer’ search on our website. Alternatively, call our Helpdesk Team on 0333 103 8130 who will help you to find an installer to meet your needs.

You can search for an Installer by; the type of technology you are thinking of installing, your location, an Installers name or their MCS certification number.

If an Installer tells you that they are MCS certified, you can check this directly with us before entering into any contract.

It is mandatory for all our MCS certified Installers to be registered with a Trading Standards Institute (TSI) Consumer Code.

These Codes are there to ensure consumer protection and your installer’s membership of a Consumer Code, means that they must go above and beyond minimum consumer law obligations.

Your Installer’s Consumer Code can assist with pre-sale and contractual issues.

It provides an extra level of protection for you if something goes wrong with your installation.

Before a complaint is escalated with MCS, an Installer must have been given the opportunity to resolve the complaint themselves.

If that fails then complaints about technical aspects of installation should be made to the Certification Body, while complaints about marketing, service standards etc. should go to the Consumer Code.

If your complaint isn’t adequately resolved, then you can escalate it to us. We are committed to dealing with complaints in a fair and impartial manner.

For any assistance with a complaint, you can speak to our Helpdesk Team on 0333 103 8130.

Your Installer should issue your MCS certificate within 10-working days of your installation being completed.

You can check whether an MCS certificate exists by calling the MCS Helpdesk on 0333 103 8130. You will need to know the technology type of the system and the full address (including postcode) of where the system is installed.

If you have never received a certificate, if you require a copy of your certificate or, if you require an amendment, you should contact your original MCS certified installer in the first instance to request this.

If your original Installer is no longer MCS certified or, is no longer trading, then the MCS Helpdesk Team will support you with your certificate query.