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Skills & Competency

Demonstrating Industry Competency

MCS certification demonstrates the quality of products and promotes the competence of installers of renewable energy technology.

To achieve MCS certification, contractors are asked to demonstrate how they engage the services of skilled, competent, and experienced individuals in roles to fulfil each activity required to meet and maintain the requirements of the scheme.​

This includes confirmation of the competence of those individuals involved in the supply, design, installation, set to work and commissioning of microgeneration systems for which the company is seeking certification.

For more information on how to meet the required competencies, read MCS 025 The Competency Standard.

Showcasing Skills

The small-scale renewables industry is committed to attracting new talent and upskilling existing contractors – from within or outside the sector.

Working closely with industry, we identify training programmes that aim to empower more people to deliver domestic renewable installations to the highest specification.

The approval of training programmes and their delivery is a core part of the MCS Competency Framework. As such, assessments are aligned with the competency criteria for the installation of a given technology.

We have collated a list of approved training courses that will equip contractors with the skills needed to meet our minimum competencies. Please visit our Find a Training Course page to search for an MCS approved training course by technology type.