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Installer and Manufacturer FAQs

If you are wanting to become MCS certified, you should start by identifying which Certification Body you wish to be a member of. The Certification Body you choose will guide you through the process. All of the Certification Bodies have different prices for becoming certified, and timescales can also differ for the assessment. We recommend that you contact a few to decide which is best for your business.

All MCS Installers will be assessed against the MCS 001 standard and the specific technical Standard for the technology you wish to become certified for. You should familiarise yourself with these – they are uploaded in our Standards and Tools Library.

If you need any further guidance or support with becoming MCS certified, please call our Helpdesk Team on 0333 103 8130.

Product Manufacturers can gain MCS certification for products if they fall within the scope of the Scheme. You should check that your product(s) meets the relevant Product Standard – these are available in our Standards and Tool Library.

To gain certification, your product(s) are assessed by a Certification Body to ensure that your product(s) meet the technical product standard and that your production environment and processes meet MCS requirements. You will also need to provide product testing results for assessment.

Once your product is certified, it will be uploaded into our Product Directory and the product information will be made available to MCS certified Installers as well as consumers.

You should refer to the Competency Guidance document in the Standards and Tool Library. This document also contains a non-exhaustive list of courses that are mapped to MCS Scheme criteria.

The Helpdesk Team can help to update the information contained in your advertised listing. With thousands of website visits from consumers looking for an MCS certified Installer, it is important that your information is accurate.
Call the Helpdesk Team on 0333 103 8130.

If you have a technical question, you should contact your Certification Body directly, as they will be able to answer this for you.

Yes, you can but you need to adhere to certain conditions, as stipulated by MCS001-1, Clause 4.10. If another (non-certified) Installer undertakes all, or part of the installation, the MCS certified Installer holding the customer contract must verify that the work undertaken meets the MCS Standards. This must be undertaken by way of a sub-contract agreement (which describes the scope of work undertaken by the sub-contractor and how it is to be ensured that the work they undertake meets the MCS Standards). The MCS certified Installer assumes full responsibility for the installation. As the certified contractor, you hold the contract for the sale and installation with the customer and must register the installation on the MID.

No, in order to ensure compliance with MCS 001-1, only MCS certified Installers can enter into contracts directly with consumers.

If you don’t hold the contract directly with the customer, you won’t be able to raise an MCS certificate. The Installer signing the contract with the customer needs to be able to verify that the work undertaken on their behalf meets the MCS Standards. If they’re not MCS certified themselves, they won’t be eligible to do this.

The Product Certification Body can provide this information, you should contact them directly. You can find out who the CB is in the Product Directory on our website.