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Membership benefits – for Installers


Membership of MCS forms a solid base for growing your business. We provide our members with trusted and exceptional opportunities to position your business as a quality, reputable renewable energy installer at the forefront of this growing industry.

Route to Smart Export Guarantee

The Government has confirmed MCS as a route through which households can access the new Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). To be eligible, installations up to and including 50kw in size will then need to use MCS certified products, fitted by an MCS certified installer.

Eligibility for homeowner mortgage lending and insurance

To support your customers, MCS certificates are often required in the following situations:

To meet lending requirements on homes. The Council of Mortgage Lenders has advised that, as a minimum to avoid the risk of a property being ineligible for a mortgage, both new and existing Solar PV installations must be MCS certified.

Compliance with insurance requirements

Many insurance companies require MCS for renewable technologies that are installed at a policyholder’s address. MCS cannot be given retrospectively and so not having MCS at the point of installation, may cause issues for your customers when they come to insure their homes.

Access to competitive finance deals

Finance companies can require MCS to enable access to their most competitive lending rates. For these organisations, MCS is seen to reduce their risk under the Consumer Credit Act.

Building Work Compliance

If doing work which involves Building Control regulations or NHBC they will ask for an MCS certificate as a way of demonstrating quality assurance. A number of planning authorities also require an MCS certificate.

PV installations still need to comply with Building Control regulations. To notify under these regulations, installers need to be registered on a Competent Persons Scheme. MCS is the only scheme to prove competence when installing renewables.
MCS certification is also a requirement to meet structural warranty requirements for LABC.

Free Trade Body Membership

MCS certified heat pump contractors are entitled to a free affiliate membership with the Heat Pump Federation; simply fill out the application form found here. MCS certified solar PV and/or battery storage contractors are entitled to a free affiliate membership with Solar Energy UK; contact Solar Energy UK here.

Differentiate Your Business

Let your potential customers know that you are part of a nationally recognised, quality assurance scheme, supported by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). You can use the MCS Quality Mark logo on your van, website and marketing materials.

Grow Your Business

Your business listing on the MCS database means you are visible to consumers searching for an approved, reputable Installer.

Government Supported Standards

When registering an MCS certified installation, you are making a clear statement to your customer that the work you have completed complies with the relevant MCS government-supported Standard. Use our Standards to demonstrate your commitment to quality, improve performance, reduce risk, work more sustainably or simply to stay compliant.

Consumer Protection

As an MCS approved contractor, your membership of a Consumer Code, either the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC), The Home Insulation & Energy Systems Contractors Scheme (HIES) or the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) ensures your customers are protected by a Trading Standards Institute (TSI) Approved Code of Practice.

MCS works closely with Consumer Codes to identify, expose and if necessary, remove those less reputable organisations from the MCS scheme.

Eligibility for Finance and Incentives

MCS is an eligibility requirement for incentive programmes available, such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS).