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The MCS Installations Database, sometimes abbreviated to the MID, is a central online database that holds the information of every MCS certified small scale, low carbon installation in the UK since 2010.

The MID is the most comprehensive reference for small scale, renewable energy installations in the UK. It is unique to MCS.

The MID continues to be the single reference point for compliant installation information, used by both industry (energy suppliers) and the regulator, Ofgem. MCS has a data sharing agreement with BEIS and Ofgem to facilitate their regulatory activities and to inform policy development.

All MCS installations require registration through the MID. A certificate shall be obtained from the MCS Installation Database for each installation and shall be provided to the customer no later than 10 working days after the date of commissioning the system.

This MCS Certificate can be used by the customer to obtain eligible financial incentives. It is also used by Energy Suppliers to verify the eligibility of an installation.

All MCS certified products are listed in the MCS Installations Database. This enables Installers to review and select appropriately certified products to complement their installation.

You need to navigate to the MID website and you should log in with your user name and password.

Your username will be the email address that you used when registering for MCS certification with your Certification Body. If you aren’t sure what this email address is, please contact your Certification Body.

You will have been asked to create a password when you first accessed the MID. If you have forgotten your password, you can click ‘forgotten password?’, where you can reset it, following the link in the email that you receive.

If you are having difficulty logging in, or changing your password, please call the MCS Helpdesk on 0333 103 8130.

The MCS Helpdesk Team have a MID user guide that provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use the system.

To request a copy of this please call the MCS Helpdesk on 0333 103 8130.

To amend, you will need to request Extended Access to the MID.

If you have missed the 10-working day window, you will first have to create a certificate with a commissioning date of 10 working days ago. The following day an ‘Edit’ button will appear next to the commissioning date box. When the edit button appears you will need to click it and select the correct option; you will need to choose between ‘I need to change the commissioning date’ and ‘I need to change the commissioning date after the 10 day window’. When you click the ‘Make Request’ button this will send an extended access request to your certification body.

Once this request has been processed your certification body will be in touch with you to request any evidence of the change of commissioning date, by requesting the necessary evidence they can either reject or approve your request. If your request is approved your certification body will send you an email to let you know you will have a 24-hour window to amend the commissioning date. As for any other amendment, this will generate a new version of the certificate with a new issue date.

If your request is rejected contact your certification body.

If you are an MCS Installer who has been suspended or removed from the Scheme, then your access to the MCS Installation Database (MID) will be revoked and you will not be able to generate or make amendments to MCS certificates going forward.

If you have customers who require their MCS certificate, or any amends to their certificate, you should direct them to the Helpdesk Team who will provide ongoing support.