From classroom to career: Emily leads the charge as one of UK’s first Low Carbon Heating Technician apprentices

Emily Wass, 17, has revealed why she chose a career in renewable heating by becoming one of the UK’s first Low Carbon Heating Technician apprentices.

First cohort of Low Carbon Heating Technician Apprentices, including Emily Wass.

The Low Carbon Heating Technician apprenticeship has been developed by MCS, the UK’s quality mark for small-scale renewable technology, in collaboration with the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, alongside a trailblazer group of heat pump installers.

Emily is one of ten apprentices on the inaugural course, which is being run by Vaillant and Derby College, and was motivated by her desire to ‘make a difference’ after learning about the climate crisis in her geography class at school.

She said: “As one of the first apprentices on the programme, I feel like I’m really doing my bit to make a positive impact both today and for future generations. It’s a great opportunity to be involved in something at the cutting edge of industry, so anyone considering embarking on a career in the sector should definitely do it.

“This is especially true for other female students, because the sector needs more of us to get involved and bring our own unique perspectives to the challenges we face.”

The apprenticeship will equip students like Emily with the skills and knowledge needed to design, install and commission low-carbon heating technologies, including heat pumps, and will ultimately support the UK government to meet its target of installing 600,000 heat pumps a year by 2028.

Laura Needham, Head of Training, at Vaillant, said: “The heating industry is developing at pace, and there’s a fantastic support network out there for those interested in pursuing a career in low carbon heating. Crucially, we are also seeing a gender shift in the sector, which has historically been male dominant, so it is exciting to be part of these changes and seeing amazing individuals like Emily building the future workforce.”

Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS, said: “It’s great to see Emily paving the way for other female apprentices to join the course and we are looking forward to seeing this becoming the norm, rather than the exception. I’d advise other young women to look at Emily as a role model, as well as our own female led workforce at MCS, to see the diverse roles that are available in the sector.

“The future of home heating is low carbon technologies such as heat pumps and solar thermal, and as we drive towards Net Zero this apprenticeship will contribute to the skilled workforce required to deliver that change.”

The Low Carbon Heating Technician apprenticeship is launching across Wales and England this year. Click here to find out more.