MCS discusses the importance of Welsh domestic solar power at the Senedd

Dan White and Gareth Davies at Senedd.

MCS Market Development Director, Dan White, has spoken with experts from across the small-scale solar energy industry about solar potential across Wales.

By invitation from Samuel Kurtz, Dan attended a Solar Energy Drop-in hosted by Solar Energy Cymru, the Welsh policy division of Solar Energy UK (SEUK) at the Senedd on Tuesday 24 October.

SE Cymru was joined by MCS, Next Energy Capital, and EDF and took the opportunity to speak to Members of Senedd, as they were between sessions, answering questions about solar energy prospects in their constituencies as well as solar energy potential in Wales more generally. Approximately 20 Members and their staff came along to speak to SE Cymru representing all major parties in the Senedd.

The event was an opportunity for members of the Senedd to come together to understand more about the potential for solar technology in an increasingly decarbonising world and share the priorities of their constituents hoping to reduce their carbon footprint and their energy bills.

Dan shared with members of the Senedd how Wales is leading the UK in terms of renewable technology per household and local policy development is the key for supporting and incentivising low-carbon energy and heating.

He shared findings from the MCS Data Dashboard with MSs to reveal just how success each of their constituencies have been in the move to decarbonising homes and local businesses.

According to the latest figures from the MCS Data Dashboard Wales has installed 12,992 certified solar panels on the roofs of their homes in 2023 alone; that means that now the equivalent of 6.61% of homes in Wales are generating their own electricity at home using the power of solar.

Harvie Agnew, Policy Analyst at SEUK, said: “It was encouraging and delightful to speak with Members of the Senedd so engaged with the need for solar power in Wales. This was the first time Solar Energy UK has held a session like this in Wales and it will be something we seek to arrange more regularly to build relationships there and continue to promote solar energy deployment in Wales.”

Dan White, Market Development Director at MCS, said: “It was a pleasure to speak with so many members of the Senedd about the importance of home-grown energy and how their constituents can benefit from producing their own electricity at home. MCS is committed to giving UK consumers confidence in renewable energy and ensuring solar installations are safe, efficient, and beneficial.”