MCS Launch New & Improved Heat Pump Calculator

MCS have today launched an updated Heat Pump Calculator for MCS certified installers.

The MCS Heat Pump Calculator is primarily a EN 12831 compliant calculator to undertake room by room heat loss calculations to allow for the appropriate sizing of heat emitters.

This latest version contains various improvements to the functionality of the spreadsheet, one of which was to improve the way in which the tool accounted for the heat transfer between ground and upper floor rooms. The calculator is intended to provide in one place the majority of tools necessary for designing and specifying heat pump systems including heat distribution systems.

The update now incorporates the following additional useful tools:

  • Ground loop sizing (for Ground Source Heat Pump installations)
  • MCS 020 Sound Power Level calculation
  • Radiator sizing tool
  • Underfloor heating sizing tool

John Holden, Chair of the MCS Heat Pump Working Group said, “These improvements were undertaken in response to feedback from our installer community. It is also a step towards our medium-term objective to provide a combined heat loss calculation tool across all heat technologies, and ultimately to develop a fully online tool rather than excel document.”

The new Heat Loss Calculator is available now on the MCS website here.

MCS will hold a live online webinar to demonstrate the new calculator on Thursday 6th May, 12.30pm – 1.30pm. Register to save your place here.