My first job in Renewables: Adam Padilla, Scheme Analyst

Adam Padilla, Scheme Analyst, first job in renewables

I joined the MCS team in December 2022 as Scheme Analyst. Though always mindful of the climate crisis and the growing awareness and importance of renewable energy, it wasn’t until I discovered MCS that I considered it a viable career path for myself.

I graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2019 with a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy and having not quite satisfied my appetite for learning just yet, I chose to stay on for another year to achieve my master’s in Philosophy.

Through my study of political philosophy and ethics during my time at university, I became more aware of climate change, and the challenges surrounding it. For the most part, it only ever remained on the periphery, or a topic of discussion in seminars and assignments. However, with the constant rise of energy costs accompanying the need for climate action, MCS has presented me with the opportunity to step away from viewing these issues academically and help tackle them head on.

As Scheme Analyst, I assist with overseeing the delivery of the small-scale retrofit scheme, the analysis of the scheme and the development of systems infrastructure, such as the MCS Installations Database (MID), the most comprehensive reference for installations in the UK.

Low carbon technology has a growing role to play in the future of global energy, as evidenced in MCS’s continual growth in recent years. Alongside the UK’s ongoing drive to meet net zero carbon by 2050, I am excited to bring my skillset to the table and help MCS achieve its mission: to give people confidence in home-grown energy by defining, maintaining and improving quality.


From finance to renewable energy

Before my introduction to MCS, I spent nearly two years working in audit at PwC. While the shift from corporate finance to renewable energy may seem a stark change, my time there provided a solid grounding for my new position. Whether it’s the financial statements of an international company, or a breakdown of heat pump installations, data is data. What we can do with this information is in a constant state of increasing interest and importance.

Also, though addressing the issues in different ways, PwC’s purpose of ‘building trust in society and solving important problems’ shows the similarity between the goals that both companies want to reach.

Both industries further suffer from a lack of accessibility to the average stakeholder, despite being of great importance to them. On the surface, both worlds seem dominated by confusing data with important information seemingly hidden in a labyrinth of jargon. Bridging that knowledge gap for the consumer is vital to implementing change on a wider scale and I believe my role will play a crucial part.


Looking ahead

Already I have had exposure to the wide net of MCS stakeholders. From university research projects and multi-national energy companies, to certified contractors, the need for reliable information and data insights surrounding renewable energy applies to all and only grows with every passing day.

Though only at the beginning of my journey with MCS, I am excited for what comes next. Over the next year I will help to create the next raft of Low Carbon Landscapes content, which provides vital MCS data-driven insights presented in an accessible manner for stakeholders and policymakers. I will also attend parliamentary events promoting Low Carbon Landscapes to help instil further change and progression for the sector.

I’ll also look to aid the growth of the scheme itself, through interactions with consumers, contractors, and certification bodies. Alongside this work, I will be supporting upcoming projects, including the ongoing development of the MCS Data Dashboard, which showcases our invaluable information in near-real-time.

The coming years will be essential if we are to lead a successful defence against climate change. It is a fight that is already having to play catch-up, but I am now proud to be able to play a small part.