My First Month in Renewables

Tara France - Comms Assistant

A month ago today, Tara joined the MCS team as Communications Assistant after recently graduating with a degree in English Language and Linguistics! Check out her latest blog to find out what she’s been up to during her first month working in the renewables sector.

Today marks the end of my first month in the renewables sector. MCS is a leading name across the renewables landscape, and I am proud to have joined their team as Communications Assistant. Prior to joining MCS, I studied English Language and Linguistics at the University of Leeds. I have always been passionate about renewable energy and sustainable solutions – motivating me to write my dissertation on the language of climate change communication. Though, coming from a non-technical background, I was unaware that I could turn my passion into a career.

As part of the Communications team at MCS, I have learnt the importance of clarity, simplicity and consistency when discussing small-scale renewable energy technologies. To the typical consumer, the renewables landscape is dominated by complex jargon, statistics and data, creating confusion, thus avoidance. Last week, I attended our quarterly planning meeting with Social Net Zero, our PR agency, where we had some really insightful discussions regarding our team’s current communication challenges. I learnt that it is important to clearly communicate the benefits of renewables that directly relate to consumers, such as reducing energy bills in the current economic climate and becoming self-sufficient with energy. It’s then important to decide on the best channels for getting your message across, whether it’s social media, blog writing, the press or direct marketing to installers.


A Jam-Packed Month

Since starting my role at MCS, I’ve already been given plenty of opportunities to get stuck in. During my first week, I had the pleasure of travelling to Birmingham NEC to attend Solar and Storage LIVE: the UK’s largest

renewable energy exhibition. I got to see the MCS team in action and learn about the breadth of solar technologies that are at the forefront of the transition to greener and smarter energy.

During my second week, I assisted with directing a promotional video with Blue Caribou Productions, which featured our CEO, Ian Rippin, discussing the launch of the new MCS Data Dashboard. The Dashboard is our brand-new, interactive platform that was designed to track the uptake of small-scale renewable technology installations in near-real-time. Most recently, I also helped organise our Liverpool City Region Home-Grown Energy Hub event at our office, which focused on celebrating local talent and the promotion of green jobs. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend two Lunch & Learn sessions: an introduction to battery storage by MCS certified manufacturers, AceOn, and another by NAPIT, one of our certification bodies. In between all of this, I am also currently working on a Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course, with plans to be enrolled on a graphic design course and advanced first aid courses.



Women Making Their Mark

Renewable energy is an undeniably male-dominated sector. The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) states that worldwide, women only make up 35% of the renewables workforce. However, since

joining MCS, it is apparent that we are at the forefront of changing this narrative, with 61% of our workforce being women. It has been extremely inspiring to see so many young women at MCS in managerial positions, including Alex, our Scheme Manager, Hannah, who’s Quality Lead and Katie, our Marketing and Events Coordinator. Seeing the breadth of knowledge, expertise and skills they

bring to the company has really inspired me to want to attain a similar position in the company myself. Renewables is a future-proof career, and it is important that women and girls are made aware of the vast opportunities in the renewables sector, from project management, to communications, operations, finance – and everything in between.

I am very proud to kick-start my career in the renewables sector, as I feel like I am contributing to the global fight against climate change. I am especially proud to be working for MCS; a company that is leading in diversity and committed to the personal and professional development of its people. I am excited for what my future holds at MCS, and I urge every young person to consider a career in renewables.