New partnership between MCS and RECC announced

MCS and RECC today announce a NEW partnership, as they combine forces in a bid to place standards and consumer protection at the heart of home-grown energy.

From 1st January 2020 onwards, MCS certificates raised for solar PV, battery storage or wind installations will now also include RECC membership, and all associated benefits.

This simplified integration of consumer code membership with MCS certification aims to increase awareness for consumers and reduce costs for installers in a move to reposition consumer protection as a central element of certification.

Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS said, “In recognition of the changing policy and subsidy landscape, we are keen to provide installers with good value for money. This offer combines the benefits of RECC and MCS membership, and putting consumer protection at its core.

“MCS certificates will offer a route to access the Smart Export Guarantee from January 2020, and are required by many lenders and insurance providers as evidence of compliant installations.”

Virginia Graham, CEO of RECC, said, “We are delighted that this partnership will further strengthen our relationship with MCS as we work together to give consumers the confidence to invest in home-grown energy.”

All MCS certified Installers need to belong to a Consumer Code approved by the Certified Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), such as RECC. The Consumer Code mirrors consumer law requirements, and goes beyond them in some instances. In this way RECC sets and enforces the highest standards of consumer protection in the home-grown energy sector.

Solar Trade Association Chief Executive, Chris Hewett said: “The STA warmly welcomes this partnership between MCS and RECC as a way to ensure a robust and enforceable installation standards, alongside solid consumer protection. The margins for small solar businesses have invariably shrunk following the end of the FiT, so it is good to see these key industry organisations reducing costs for all those reputable installers who abide by good principles.”

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MCS and RECC will pilot this initiative with installers of renewable electricity technologies from January 2020. It will not apply to those who also install heat-generating technologies in the first instance.