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  string(1083) "MCS invites proposals from experienced technical authors that can support rewriting some of our technology-specific Standards documents.

In 2019 MCS undertook a project to catalogue and review all the documents that were published by the Scheme. As a result of that project a plan was developed to rationalise those published. Some were archived and the remainder are set to be combined and re-written to improve the language and incorporate new brand elements and legal text. Some newly re-written documents have already been published including MCS 001, and others are almost complete and awaiting publication.

There are a total of eight Lots covering Biomass, Solar Thermal, Micro CHP, Micro Wind, Solar PV , Heat Pump and Competency.

For more information and to find out how you can submit a proposal, please read the following document:

MCS Standards Project - Invite to Tender

Closing date for proposals is 9.00am on Friday 4th September 2020"
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