Solar Energy UK’s The Value of Solar Property report

Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS, responds to the publication of Solar Energy UK’s The Value of Solar Property report:

Drawing from the MCS Installation Database, this latest report by Solar Energy UK shines a light on the indisputable financial benefits of solar PV for homeowners – adding up to £1,800 to the value of a typical home.

In doing so, it showcases the vital role small-scale renewables play in increasing the market value and reducing the carbon footprint of our homes.

The data speaks for itself: solar PV is a proven economic and environmental solution to futureproofing our homes. It already puts cost savings back into consumers’ pockets, and with the ongoing electrification of heat and transport, its financial performance will only improve in years to come.

We echo Solar Energy UK’s calls for relevant sectors to help maximise the use of solar PV on the UK’s homes, from property development and finance to construction. This should undoubtedly be backed by sustained government support for domestic renewables in general, including long-term consumer incentives and broader green retrofit programmes.

Clearly, the current outlook and future for solar is bright – and we can do even more as we reach for net zero.

View the report here