STA and MCS announce joint membership benefits

As part of a new partnership between the two organisations announced today, all new members of the Solar Trade Association will receive ten MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) credits worth £30 each, while existing members will be able to claim five free credits each year. Furthermore, small solar installation businesses who are accredited members of MCS and a registered consumer code will be entitled to a discount of £100 off their STA membership. This is a 25% reduction for the smallest companies.

The partnership comes at a pivotal time in the domestic solar market, with the number of installations likely to rise in 2020 following two slow years beset with difficulties caused by several changes to Government policy, including the closure of the Feed-in-Tariff scheme.

STA Chief Executive Chris Hewett said: “The last couple of years have been tricky to navigate for the industry, particularly for smaller installers. The STA has always championed high quality installations standards, strong consumer protection and the enforcement of this good practice. By requiring certification, the Feed-in-Tariff scheme encouraged installers to adhere to these standards. We want to use this new partnership to maintain support for standards whilst trimming costs for those companies who have been subjected to the wild ups and downs of Britain’s solar coaster and who provide consistent levels of service to consumers. We are offering a helping hand to the small businesses that form an integral part of the industry.”

MCS Chief Executive Ian Rippin said: “MCS as an organisation supporting the sector, sees its role as providing confidence in home-grown energy. We recognise the important role that the STA plays in our industry and are delighted to further strengthen our relationship with them, as we work together to ensure that solar installers are supported as they continue to navigate an uncertain, changing policy and subsidy landscape.”

MCS announced late last year that they would also partner with RECC to help simplify the integration of consumer code membership with MCS certification.

More than a fifth of the solar power generated in the UK comes from micro-scale rooftop installations, which are set to reach over 1 million in number in 2020.