The women glowing green and on a mission to change the face of the renewables industry

You energy your way, 5 female installers

A group of women who install heat pumps and solar panels across south-east England are on a mission to change the face of the renewables industry and inspire more women to join the sector.

MCS, the UK’s quality assurance scheme for small-scale renewable energy and heating, wants to showcase female-led, MCS certified contractor, Your Energy Your Way. Founded in 2018, the Surrey-based business installs and maintains hundreds of heat pumps and solar panels across south-east England with a workforce of over 50% women.

They want to champion their female talent as part of this year’s International Women’s Day in an effort to inspire inclusion and empower more women to pursue careers in the renewable energy sector.

Trainee renewable installer, Lisa, 43, from Hayes and Harlington, said she pursued a career with Your Energy Your Way as she had a particular passion for wanting to help the planet. She hadn’t worked in the sector before but felt driven to give it a go.

She said: “The women I get to work with every day are utterly amazing. We have a wide range of ages, backgrounds and skill sets and when we go out on the job, we’re changing attitudes and opening people’s minds by being different from the status quo and I think that’s brilliant.

“Being a female installer in the industry is a great step forward for female empowerment and equality and I’m very excited to be part of pushing those boundaries.”

Lisa has urged women to have confidence, believe in themselves and give the renewables industry a go – if they are interested in pursuing a career in it.

She said: “There is a role to suit every skill set and the community of people in the renewables sector – both men and women, are more often than not inclusive, accepting, and eager to help where they can.”

Your Energy Your Way was founded by Leah Robson in 2018, however, her business has been MCS certified since 2010, from when the business operated under a different name.

Lisa, who wants to eventually move into designing heating and solar systems as well as help train up new recruits, said working with her director, Leah, is a ‘fascinating experience’.

She said: “As someone else who has changed career paths a few times and has represented women in the construction sector, it’s really reassuring to me that she understands the challenges we face because she’s been there herself.

“Her and I have very different personalities – I’m mostly a behind-the-scenes type who prefers to focus on tools and how things work; Leah is constantly dealing with people and all of their problems with such compassion, while juggling so many things at one time.

“I honestly don’t know how she does it, but I’m grateful that she does. She’s put together an amazing team and is constantly looking for ways to always push forward and do things better.”

Leah added: “Lisa is an absolutely fantastic member of our team and I am so happy to have her working with us and excelling day in, day out.

“Lisa’s message to women on International Women’s Day is an important one, if you have thought about joining the renewable sector and doing your bit for the environment then just go for it. We need more women in the sector to bring new talent and perspectives.

MCS is committed to inspiring inclusion within the renewable sector. They are proud of the work Your Energy Your Way is doing and hope their achievements inspire more female installers to join the industry.

Looking to join the renewables industry? you can view available training courses here.