Installer licence removed following subcontracting failure

MCS has taken the decision to revoke the MCS licence of SolarStucco following their failure to meet requested requirements from our Compliance and Enforcement Team.

SolarStucco, a Solar PV system installer based in South East London and operating nationwide were subject to an investigation following reports from concerned customers.

The findings demonstrated a clear breach of MCS Standards.

SolarStucco were advertising a ‘partnership’ with non-certified Installer ‘Solar kW’ who were providing quotes to customers but using SolarStucco’s name. It was found that there wasn’t a subcontractor agreement in place. They agreed to formulate one, however, despite requests, SolarStucco refused to provide clarity over the precise role that ‘Solar kW’ had and how their “partnership” worked.

Ben Howe, Compliance and Enforcement Manager said: “Our investigation highlighted several non-compliances against fundamental MCS requirements. This included SolarStucco not having a subcontract agreement in place with its non-certified ‘partner’, a significant lack of clarity in describing exactly what services they were providing, the survey and sales process and details relating to the customer complaints process, among other issues.

He added, “At MCS we take a zero-tolerance approach when Standards are breached and consumers are put at risk – the removal of this company from the Scheme demonstrates this.”

SolarStucco do continue to trade but are no longer MCS certified.

MCS recently refreshed advice for Installers around understanding subcontracting arrangements and remaining compliant.