Installer Focus Group launched by MCS

MCS is inviting its certified contractors to join the Installer Focus Group, which will provide a platform for installers to share their views with MCS and other like-minded businesses.

MCS aims to have representation from the entire industry, covering a range of company sizes and technology types. This will help us to gauge the key issues affecting the industry and feed them into our more formal decision-making and governance processes.

The Focus Group is ideal for installers who would like to participate more actively in our community. The group will meet on a biannual basis, where topics that may impact the wider industry will be suggested by the MCS team. These topics will then be discussed, to capture insights and viewpoints of installers in the field.

Please note: the group is not a forum for implementing direct changes to the technical standards. That work is undertaken by the MCS Working Groups, which installers are welcome to apply to join also. This can be done by contacting our Secretariat at

We hope to hold in-person Installer Focus Group meetings where possible, with expenses covered.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Installer Focus Group to shape the industry in a positive way, please contact the Helpdesk via