MCS publishes updated guidance for solar PV self-consumption

MCS has published an updated version of MGD 003 – a guidance document used to determine the electrical self-consumption of domestic solar PV installations with and without battery storage.

MGD 003 Issue 2.0 simplifies and clarifies the language and lays out the information according to the new MCS document style.

There have been some minor amendments to correct cross-referencing errors and anomalies with the methodology. The look-up tables are also now in the form of an Excel spreadsheet that users can easily integrate into their own tools if they wish.

MCS welcomes feedback on this update which should be directed to:

To access MGD 003 and the new format look-up tables, please visit the MCS Standards & Tools Library or click the links below:

MGD 003 Solar PV Self-Consumption – guidance document

MGD 003 – look-up tables.xlsx