MCS calling on Installers to join new Focus Group

MCS is in the process of putting together a new Installer Focus Group. This focus group will aim to provide MCS with insights into the industry and allow installers to play a part in defining our standards.

The Installer Focus Group will give installers the opportunity to get involved in upcoming changes to the MCS scheme and have their ideas heard. In addition to this, the Focus Group will give installers access to the MCS network, including fellow installers from across the UK.

MCS aims to have representation from the industry as a whole, covering a range of company sizes and technology types to make more informed decisions for upcoming changes to the scheme.

The group will run on a biannual basis, where topics that may impact the wider industry will be suggested by the MCS team. These topics will then be discussed by the installers, allowing them to provide technical insights and the viewpoint of installers in the field.

We hope to hold these meetings in person where possible, with all travel expenses paid for by MCS. Lunch and refreshments will also be provided.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Focus Group to shape the industry in a positive way, please contact the Helpdesk at