MCS publishes updated Competency Standard

MCS has published an updated version of MCS 025 – The Competency Standard following a comprehensive, industry wide consultation. 

MCS 025 v2 reduces the list of “company roles” to Nominee and Nominated Technical Person (NTP) and redefines each of those roles. It also outlines the requirement for Contractors to identify the supervision requirements of their company and introduces a method for recording an NTP’s supervision of an installation. 

The updated standard removes the need for the “Competency Checker Tool” and “Competency Guidance” and retires each of them. It also removes the “Experienced Worker Route” for demonstrating competence.

MCS 025 now also includes a 5-year reassessment requirement that can be adapted following changes to industry standards, or technological or working practices. 

Compliance with this version of MCS 025 becomes mandatory from the 1st April 2023 for the assignment of new NTPs. Existing NTP working for a MCS Contractor before the 1st April 2023, will be unaffected by the publication of this revision to MCS 025. 

The standard was revised following extensive consultation with contractors and industry partners. You can read a summary of the consultation responses here. 

Please read the standard in full here. Any queries should be sent to