MCS response to the Energy Security Strategy

MCS welcomes the publication of the government’s Energy Security Strategy, and with it the recognition of the importance of domestic renewables, such as solar PV and heat pumps.

Truly home-grown energy – which is made and consumed at the household level using domestic renewable technologies – can play a significant role in our energy security, now and in the future.

Domestic renewables, including heat pumps, solar PV and all other solutions covered by MCS certification, are available for deployment now and will keep Britain firmly on the path to net zero.

We are confident that the recently launched Boiler Upgrade Scheme will give heat pump installations a much-needed boost.

Overall, the Energy Security Strategy could go further: with strengthened government support for all renewable technology types, they could be rolled out in even greater numbers than current targets forecast.

Commenting on the strategy, Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS, said:

“A record number of heat pumps were installed in the UK last year, with solar PV also showing significant growth as homeowners embrace the benefits of decarbonising the heating of their homes and generating their own electricity.

“MCS works to ensure that year-on-year growth in installations numbers continues, in turn increasing the contribution of home-grown, domestic energy to our short and long-term energy security.

“Alongside the now launched Boiler Upgrade Scheme, this strategy’s Heat Pump Accelerator Competition combined with an expected market mechanism for heat pumps sales should continue driving down costs for consumers and installers alike.

Recent analysis has also shown that heat pumps are now cheaper over their lifetime than a gas boiler. Together with the reduction in VAT on energy savings materials, and the government’s plans to facilitate low-cost finance from retail lenders, installing domestic renewables to generate home-grown energy is becoming an ever more attractive proposition for homeowners.”