MCS response to the Ofgem Boiler Upgrade Scheme consultation

MCS has published a response to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme consultation, which seeks views on Ofgem’s proposed administration of the new grant.

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An overview of what MCS is calling for

  • A reduction of the burden of evidence gathering currently placed on installers, replacing this with a simple checklist to make the process easier. This will save administration work and remove overly complex procedures.
  • Proper lessons from the administration of the Green Homes Grant voucher scheme. Processes must be simplified and guarantee quick payments to installers within five working days.
  • A solution to potential issues with over-subscription for vouchers and related payments. The three-year scheme will see only £150 million allocated each year.
  • More clarity if the maximum limit of spend is reached or exceeded in a single year. Will installers be reimbursed for assessments, site visits, evidence gathering and managing the voucher application process? Installers want to know how funding limits might affect order books and cashflow. Clear communications on funding limits will be essential.
  • Direct engagement with consumers when more information is needed to support voucher applications. This would reduce the administrative burden on installers and prevent rising installation costs.
  • An emphasis on high-quality installations and procedures that resolve any installation issues quickly. This should be in line with compliance related to MCS standards and our Certification Bodies. We hope any scheme would work with installers and withholding payments is a last resort approach.
  • A consumer portal for homeowners or self-builders to share information and evidence of proof with Ofgem directly.
  • An API to access the EPC information, which would be quicker and easier than requiring homeowners to manually share the document with Ofgem.
  • Installers to have the right to request a review of decisions made to reject voucher applications by Ofgem.

Thanks to our installers, who helped shape the MCS response.


How do I submit a response to the consultation?

Ahead of the deadline, Thursday 27 January 2022, we invite installers and our other partners to submit their own response to the consultation.

Please feel free to use our responses to form your own.

To share your views on the consultation, please visit the Ofgem website. Remember, the deadline is Thursday 27 January 2022.


The scheme will launch in spring 2022 to aid the decarbonisation of buildings through providing upfront capital grants. The scheme will support the installation of heat pumps and biomass boilers in homes and some non-domestic buildings. Contact the MCS Helpdesk if you have any enquiries.