Registering your MCS installation on the MID

Person wearing black polo with MCS certified logo on.

As an MCS certified contractor, registering your installation on the MID (MCS Installation Database) and raising the MCS certificate is confirmation of compliance with our Scheme requirements 

It shows us that you have installed the renewable energy or heating system in line with MCS Installation Standards, which represent industry levels of quality. 

As an MCS certified contractor, it is paramount that you are following the correct procedure when registering your installation on the MID.  

The installation shall only be registered on the MID when the installation is fully complete and commissioned, and not before. The registration shall only be done by the MCS certified contractor who entered into the contract with the customer. 

The registration of the installation on the MID shall be completed no later than 10 working days after commissioning has taken place, and the MCS certificate shall be included in the handover pack provided to your customer. 

MCS undertake routine compliance assessments of installations selected from a contractor’s MID records. We also have an outbound calling team who contact every customer who has had an installation completed under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. Our team check that the consumer is happy with your installation, and that they have received all the correct handover documents from you.  

It’s your responsibility as an MCS certified contractor to ensure that your MID records are accurate. We therefore suggest routinely checking your installation records. If there are any installations that should not be registered, please contact the MCS Compliance team who can process a certificate withdrawal request. You can contact the MCS Compliance by emailing

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