Consultation: MCS 031 Heat Pump Pre-Sale Information and Performance Calculation

MCS has today published a one-month consultation on updates to the Heat Pump System Performance Estimate Standard (MCS 031).

This update to MCS 031 will provide an estimate of performance that links more closely the estimated Seasonal Performance Factor to the choice of emitters. It is written in a narrative form to explain in detail how the performance estimate works and set out the formulae used. MCS will develop and publish an Excel tool that will enable contractors to produce compliant calculations quickly and easily.

The revised version of MCS 031 can be used either before or after the full heat loss survey is completed. It is intended to be fair to all stakeholders while also enabling consumers to make a more informed choice.

MCS would now like to invite comments on the proposed updates from stakeholders. To allow extra time over the Christmas break, we have extended the deadline by 2 weeks.

The deadline for submitting comments on this consultation is 12.00pm on Monday 23 January 2023.

Please find the drafts of the updated Standard below. We invite you to send consultation responses to using the forms provided: