Full response from MCS – Clean Heat Grant Consultation

Ahead of the deadline this evening, we have published our response to the Clean Heat Grant Consultation in full.

MCS Clean Heat Grant response

In our response we call for:

  • A review of the limited funding of £100 million.
  • Reconsideration of the amount of grant and the flat-rate, technology neutral approach.
  • Removal of technology bias.
  • The inclusion of Solar Thermal.
  • A review of the role that Biomass can play.
  • Investment in skills, awareness raising and consumer education to support significant growth.
  • A review in the light of the post-pandemic economic recovery requirements.
  • Funding and incentives for low carbon heat designed to underpin the development and expansion of microgeneration.
  • A clearer understanding of the policy and plans to grow low carbon heating to help address issues around heat decarbonisation.

Thanks are extended to our Low Carbon Heat Task Force for their contributions in shaping this response.